About us

History of the Forum

The Forum was established in 1997 and its aims are enshrined in its Mission Statement:

‘The Forum recognises the importance of sport and recreation to the people of Liverpool.

Sports clubs and associations are central to this. The Forum will ensure that members’ views are represented within the processes that lead to the development of facilities, programmes and funding initiatives led by the Liverpool City Council recreation department and other partners. The Forum will also attempt to raise the profile of the members’ activities by offering a supportive environment and mechanism for sharing best practice.’

Role and Remit of the Sports Forum

  1. To represent the interests of member clubs and associations with all partners.
  2. To manage, allocate and disburse (on behalf of the members) any grants awarded to the Forum.
  3. To increase opportunities for clubs and associations to network, pool resources and share and disseminate good practice.
  4. To lobby Liverpool City Council to recognise sport & recreation as a statutory provision.
  5. To highlight sport’s contribution to the cultural fabric of Liverpool.