Roller Derby

Liverpool Roller Birds

Liverpool Roller Birds is the city’s first ever roller derby league!
We flew into existence in November 2009, offering women of all shapes, sizes and skating abilities the opportunity to take up roller derby.

What is roller derby?

Originating in America, it is a contact sport played between two teams of women skaters on a flat oval indoor track who battle it out to score points.

As a fast and furious contact sport, the game is for 18s and over. In a game, each team sends five of their players onto the track, comprising four ‘blockers’ and a point-scoring ‘jammer’.

The aim of the jammer is to score points by passing each blocker from the opposing team while lapping the track. For each blocker she passes, she scores a point.

The aim of the blockers is to help their jammer get around the track and to stop the other team’s jammer from scoring. This often includes slowing the jammer down or knocking them over.