St Johns Shotokan Karate

We are a family based club that was established in 1980 firstly by Sensei Tony Chin and now by me Sensei Tony Irvine.

So what is Karate?
Karate is a system of self defence and physical culture originally developed and refined in Okinawa and Japan. The word is formed from the Japanese words Kara (empty) and Te (hand), symbolising that its practitioners – Karateka – are unarmed, but use their hands and feet for blocking and striking. Training is conducted within an environment based on certain Japanese cultural practices.

Can Anyone Practice Karate?
Karate can be practiced by men, women, and children. Our students range from the very young to senior citizens. Anyone who is in reasonable health can train at Karate. Karate students will improve their self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-esteem, as well as their fitness. Parents and teachers continually report on the improvement in the behaviour of children who train regularly at KUGB clubs. This is because of the emphasis we place upon good manners and discipline.

Who Will Teach Me?
KUGB clubs are under the instruction of qualified Black Belts who are provided with the opportunity to attend specialist courses designed to improve their instruction skills in areas such as first-aid, club administration, coaching (for all levels and ages), nutrition, anatomy, and flexibility. Standards are maintained by the KUGB Technical Committee whose members range from 6th to 8th Dan.

What Will Training Involve?
Your training will be structured into three main sections – Kihon, Kata, and Kumite – basic techniques, set combinations of techniques, and sparring. Each section has a range of complexity to suit the different levels of grades of students. Kumite will be introduced to you as basic blocking and counter-attacking, but will ultimately lead you to free-style fighting, where you will be taught to attack with, and defend against, unannounced attacks.

We have many different students and welcome all ages and backgrounds to come along and take part and maybe join us karate is an excellent way to stay fit lose weight and make new friends along the way.