Liverpool University Karate Club

Liverpool is a great place to practice karate.

We are very close to the prestigious Red Triangle Dojo where Andy Sherry (who holds the most senior Shotokan grade in Europe) teaches and if you choose to train with us Sensei Sherry will oversee your grading – an experience not to be missed!

In addition our instructors are all KUGB certified and have all trained under Sensei Sherry himself, giving us a very high standard of teaching.

The club is also a great way to meet new people. We have a number of social events throughout the year including AU nights, pub crawls, meals out and pretty much any excuse we can think of to have a sneaky pint or some tea and cake.

We offer two chances to grade in a year, allowing all our students the opportunity to progress throughout their time at University. In addition the club has competed at tournaments, with great results which we hope to continue in the future.