Al Ghazali Shotokan Karate Club

Al-Ghazali Shotokan Karate Club was first opened in 1999 as “Arab Shotokan Karate Club”.

In 2000 the Club became a member of the K.U.G.B. at this stage the Club never had any students with colour belts.

In 2004 the Club was named Al- Ghazali Shotokan Karate and was based at its own venue at Al-Ghazali Centre.

Now the Club has 5 black belt students and many more different colours. The Club is regularly involved in various national competitions and competes at a high LE level.


  • Participated in more than 40 local and national tournaments.
  • Produced 5 black belts to date.

First female Muslim black belt in the North west region. Muslim Female brown belts where first to achieve first place in North Wales competition 2003. One of the youngest National Champions– Hisham Saif who reached black belt status at the age of 9 years old. Winning more than 70 trophies gold, silver & bronze.