Red Triangle Shotokan Karate Club

The Red Triangle Karate Club began in 1959, originally under the name of the Liverpool Karate Club.

The Red Triangle Karate Club began in 1959, originally under the name of the Liverpool Karate Club. It changed its name in 1961 when it moved to the Everton Road YMCA and adopted the the Red Triangle; it moved to it’s current location at 57/61 Everton Rd in 1973.

Its Chief Instructor is Andy Sherry, 8th Dan. Andy is a former European and British Champion who has trained, competed and taught all over the World and is renowned as a top exponent of Shotokan Karate. In just under its half-century of existence, the Red Triangle has established a National and International reputation as a Centre of Excellence for Karate and is regularly attended by British and foreign visitors. It has produced many outstanding Karateka, amongst them Frank Brennan, former World Shotokan Champion and Echo Sports Personality of the Year.

The Red Triangle is attended on a regular basis by many local residents, including children and youths and provides a valuable facility to families and the community in general, especially as it espouses a culture of respect, self-discipline and non-violence. It has also provided many Liverpool youngsters with a means of self-development and a large number have gone on to represent the KUGB Junior and Senior Squads and travelled extensively as a result. It was the Red Triangle which provided a Karate demonstration team for MP Glenda Jackson and which assisted the British Judo Association in its 50th Anniversary celebrations at the Albert Hall. Some of its members demonstrated for Lord Coe when he visited Liverpool in 2009. A book has recently been written on the Red Triangle by Dr Clive Layton, an author who specialises in recording Karate history and who has recently been acknowledged by the British Book Society as the most prolific British author in this field. Dr Layton is now working on a sequel which will largely be centred around Andy Sherry.